Benefits of Coffee

I almost cannot get up without a cup of coffee by my side and for the life of me, I don’t see how some people manage to do it every day! I am not alone in this thought and it is nice to know that I can talk about this issue and not have people give me serious side-eye. As my one guilty pleasure of the morning, I am always looking for a great new flavor and what many people fail to realize are the many health benefits that come with a cup of joe in the morning.

Cup of coffee


There have been so many studies that can back me up on this, with Harvard even making their own analyses and releasing them publicly. The way that coffee impacts the brain can no longer be denied and with these great benefits in mind, there are more reasons than ever before to incorporate a bit of java in your life today!


How healthy is coffee for you? Well, it is packed with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants that have been proven to improve overall health. Research indicates that those that drink coffee can substantially lower the risk of many serious diseases. The following are just some of the ways that coffee can improve your life.


Coffee Elevates Energy and Improves Learning Capabilities

Working gadgets and a cup of coffee

Yes, it is true what you heard about coffee releasing energy and actually stimulating your brain. When you are drinking coffee, it flows into the bloodstream and travels to the brain where Adenosine is released. When this occurs, you end up firing from all cylinders and are really packed with energy. When I have my first cup, I tend to get a lot of ideas and want to play around with them as they come up. Affected areas include vigilance, elevated mood, memory, reaction times, cognitive function, and energy levels.


Coffee Burns Fat


Coffee really does burn fat and it is one of the few substances made naturally that can aid in such. It can increase metabolic rate by as much as 11%. You will have to do more than just drink coffee to keep those pounds off, however. Coffee is not THAT much of a miracle drink.


Caffeine Improves Physical Performance


Coffee also triggers your nervous system, sending signals to fat cells which break the fat in the body down. It increases adrenaline in your blood to take you to that ‘fight or flight’ mode, which gets your body ready for action. Before I go to train, I like to have at least a strong cup to two cups of coffee before my workout.


Coffee Contains Essential Nutrients


Coffee is far and above more than what some people refer to as ‘black water’. Most people do not even realize that just one cup of coffee contains:


  • vitamin B2
  • vitamin B5
  • potassium and manganese
  • niacin and magnesium

This might not be a huge deal for many, but by drinking just a cup daily, you can get a head start on a lot of those essential nutrients.

Supporting Your Local Markets

I am a firm believer in supporting the local community and that extends to buying produce locally through our farmers’ markets in the neighborhoods near my home. Since my community has access to fresh foods throughout the summer, it only makes sense that I stock up on what I need and help those that sell it all at one time. There are so many reasons to help out when one can directly in their own community and I stress this any chance I get with those I come in contact with.


My favorite morning drink is coffee and I like to get locally produced coffee beans from growers down the street from my home. The prices and flavors are simply the best that can be had, and it makes me feel nice to be able to support those that are near me and my family on a day to day basis. Here are just some of the reasons to support your local markets.


Taste the True Flavors

Fresh vegetables and fruits

You may not know it yet, but the freshest vegetables and fruits that you can buy are the ones that are available in your farmers market. The fruits you buy locally are brought directly to you and since it is grown organically, this is as real and as fresh as food can possibly get. Being able to say it is fresh from a home-grown farm is something not most can say.


Enjoying the Season


Seasonal foods thrive at farmers markets, and they are truly delicious, fresh, and offer the true flavors that are the essence of great cooking and eating. Getting your food from a farmers market reconnects you with growers in your region and you can know that at any time you have availability to fresh asparagus for the spring, sweet corn during the summer, pumpkins in the fall, and other produce during any time of the year.


Supporting Family Farmers

Picture showing harvesting vegetables from the farm

Local farmers these days need more support than ever before and I like to do what I can for small family farms as they are the ones that get hit the hardest during tough seasons. By buying from them directly, they get more return on produce and help keep them in business.


Protecting the Environment


Food travels fairly far across America, so if you buy locally, you are saving on the natural resources necessary to transport them, as well as cut down on pollution, and saving the use of plastic with all that extra packaging. Buy locally and minimize your carbon footprint on the planet.


Nourishing Yourself


The foods found in most grocery stores is not only highly processed, but contains loads of hormones, pesticides, genetic modifications, antibiotics, and much more. Some has even been waxed, irradiated, or even gassed while in transit. Local farmers are more inclined to use better options to ensure that your produce is free of these chemicals that do us harm. At the end of the day, it is up to us to give back to our community in real ways that matter to everyone.